Can a Mortgage or Heloc be :"Called"

Can a mortgage of Heloc be called ?

Was thinking of taking the summer off and every year I have to give a financial statement to my lender for my rental property, income, assets, liabilities etc.

If I take the summer off I wont have employment income.

Your loan documents should have the answer to that question. Mine can’t, and I don’t have to give my lender annual financial statements. But I obviously have something different than you do.

That said, can you just report your annual income (which would be ~75% of current, not zero)? Seems unlikely the bank would call the loan for that.

Sounds like you do not have individual mortgages on each property.
Also sounds like you may have a non traditional mortgage that covers multiple properties… kind of a line of credit secured by multiple holdings.

When I had Rental property, I attended some seminars that talked of this… but never explored it. Does it allow you to add properties without the typical 20% down?

Read you Documentation? I doubt you can get much solid advice on this unusual setup from posting on a board.