BofA: can't remove my Trust as beneficiary

That’s probably the right way to do it. I haven’t read your trust, but my guess is that you are:
(1) the trustmaker, (2) the trustee, and (3) the beneficiary. That’s how mine is written, and the attorney who wrote it explained that titling all of my assets in the name of the trust is the way to go, with certain exceptions (notably retirement accounts).

Sorry… I missed that at the time.

Was it a trust account at the bank with a checking account within it? or was it a checking account with a trust as the owner?

If it was the former, it must have had some fees associated with it that they were charging you.

FINALLY found a branch rep who understood–and resolved it.

She added a page showing my son as Successor to the Trust.

When I’m gone, he can prove his credentials to my accounts.

Took 25 days and four branch meetings to find the right someone.

I hope you mean successor trustee. Presumably your trust doesn’t expire when you do, so if the account is owned by your trust now, it will still be owned by your trust after you die. In any event, I’m glad you got it straightened out.