Biden admin quietly released study showing green energy receives far more

You need a new calculator, BEFORE you do your taxes!

The 2009 Federal budget total was $3.518T. $530M is 0.015065% of that amount. You over-estimated by a factor of over 663 times!

I think when Permian Shale production rolls over, and oil prices spike, and we’re in permanent oil supply deficit ( = Peak Oil does occur just interrupted 10+ years by Shale) then renewable energy firms will be making bank and subsidies can be removed.

How in the world do we even have grandchildren with all of that evil fossil fuel being consumed and all of those hydroplants helping to control flooding. Cover the earth with windmills. They are prettier than trees anyway. Even if it impossible to built windmills and solar panels without fossil fuels they will find a way I. The distant future. Until then we can just walk everywhere.

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Yes, part of the Fox News is opinion, but opinion based of fact. If you disagree, that’s your opinion and you have every right to it. But, they have many actual news reporting programs, unlike most of the other TV outlets that are nearly 100% opinion, like MSNBC. They don’t report much at all. There are a number of good sources out there if one is actually interested in fact. And, I doubt you’ll be able to find any news outlets that aren’t being sued or have been. I don’t think FNN was being sued for giving false news anyway. But, it’s your right to be wrong.

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Ah yes…correct. Doing the math in my head. Its only $530M over 2 years. Carry on…

Glad you’re seeing the light … BTW, did you notice the light is green?.. :slightly_smiling_face:

Classic case of confirmation bias coloring a decision. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heck yeah… FACTS!

I say GO FOR IT!..Why not? How much could it cost Fox News anyway?

Answer: So far …$787M, next up, Smartmatic for $2.7B

Or just a math error… :slight_smile:

No psycho analysis required…

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