63, IRA stalled - what to do?


Been a while since I posted here… so long that I had to create a new account.

Here’s the deal - I’ve got an IRA that’s a little more than a half a mil, it’s been stalled out for a few years. It’s a balanced portfolio. It’s at Fidelity and I’ve always managed it myself. Im still working; plan to stay put. At 70, my SS will be 4200 / month. House and cars paid for and no debt.

What should I do with that IRA? Let it be managed? I haven’t put anything into it in 4 years. It would have only been a tax break as I see it.

I have a 401k with Voya and was thinking of moving the IRA to them and let them manage it. The 401k is around 60k.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you looked at the markets lately?

Cash may a good place to put new investments for a while.

Nothing wrong with a tax break.

I am not a fan of voya.

I have no experience with Voya except for the initial 401k setup 4 years ago. They were eager to take over my previous 401k/rollover IRA from Fidelity. It kept that at Fidelity.

I have looked at the markets. :frowning:

As a comparison, my mostly Wellington-invested stuff at Vanguard has lost 10% since reaching it’s highest point in Dec. 2021. If yours has held it’s own, I’d say you’re doing pretty good.


I’m trying to recall the thoughts of a famous chess master. He suggested that the best thing to do when you’ve run out of good ideas for your next move, just make a few stalling moves, you’re opponent will probably come up with a new idea, and it will likely be a bad one.

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If I were you I would keep the IRA at Fidelity. My understading is that Voya’s offering includes annuity and insurance products. I would be cautious about any annuities that Voya may suggest for your 401K as you approach retirement

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