401k from Old Job

My wife left her job to be a stay at home mom. I’m not sure what to do with the 401k from her employer. Do I leave it where it is? Should I roll it over into a Traditional Roth? Is there anyway to roll it to a spousal IRA that I can contribute to? Any advice is welcomed.

First, it is her choice, not yours. But assuming you work your finances together, she can choose to leave it in the 401k; roll it into an IRA (not necessarily a Roth), or even liquidate it (depending on the amount, could have significant tax implications)…
IRAs are not spousal. But your combined income (even if hers is zero) allows for the total that can be contributed to both of your investment accounts.

First- it is my choice. Thanks for the advice anyway

Years ago I had a 401k with an employer and just left it there. But after maybe 3 years, I received a notice that I had to roll it over or they would send me a check. I rolled it over to a traditional IRA that I already had with Vanguard. (but now I’m slowly doing Roth conversions on that money!!)

I don’t know if what my employer did is typical, but my money is probably better off, fee-wise, invested in Vanguard (Fidelity, or Schwab, too). My understanding is that it’s harder to see the fee structure in a 401k.

This is your wife’s 401k. Assuming she will not be returning to work for the same employer, it would probably be best to do a Direct Transfer to her IRA.

WHY? Fees will probably be lower, and there will be more investment options from which to select.

Here is more on how to do this: 401k To Rollover IRA | New account steps | Fidelity

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Unless you have a financial power of attorney for your wife, it is NOT your choice. She is the only one who can authorize the change.

You are correct- Yes, I do have financial power of attorney.