Value stock mutual fund

The management fee on VWNEX is 0.17%, POMIX is 0.21%.

Thinking it was the Magellan fund…

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By being a fund investor, I get to vote my shares against any director that supports ESG crapola. For me, environmental and social issues should have almost nothing to do with running a successful company. Anyway, most so-called environmental issues are based on false assumptions.


You mean vote against any FUND DIRECTOR? That is welcome news. Don’t remember any proxies asking me to vote on fund directors. Only directors on boards of individual companies I own.

Right you are. I think Fidelity Magellan.

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The Avantis Small Cap Value ETF has lots of fans, symbol is AVUV, and expense ratio is 0.25%. I don’t do Mutual Funds since 2015, I’m 100% ETFs except a tiny position in a couple of small company stocks.

My only trouble with ETFs is you cannot buy and even amount like $200 each purchase. It has to be a multiple of the share price.

The good thing about mutual funds is you can buy fractional shares, so the same dollar amount will buy a different number of shares as the price changes. It is easier to dollar cost average that way.

Now if one reinvests dividends on ETFs, I think that can buy fractional shares. But I am not sure all allow dividend reinvestment.

Fidelity: you can buy down to the penny, though I never do that, I leave $0.50-$1.00 slack in my orders. At Schwab, well, you can’t buy fractional shares but it reinvests dividends fractionally.

This isn’t a reason not to invest in an ETF if you truly believe it will help you reach your goals. Eventually, the amount will be so large that the amount you can’t invest at any moment will be so tiny that it won’t bother you.

You can always take the leftover money and throw it into the brokerage firm’s no-fee mutual funds just so that it’s deployed.

Whoa… why? That’s like saying you want groceries but won’t go to Kroger, Safeway, or Wal-Mart.

This is not a political forum, but I think you know about the ESG and DEI hijinx those three companies have been instrumental in effecting in companies they hold in their mutual funds. They do it by blackmailing CEOs on compensation if their companies do not embrace ESG goals. Larry Fink of Blackrock is the worst villain of the bunch.

I will not patronize companies who instrument delteterious changes in the US. Neither should you.

I like Aldi, Lidl, and Wegmans. I can see a person avoiding Kroger, Walmart, or Safeway

I can avoid Kroger, Walmart, and Safeway. I just have to go hungry. Or go 30 miles for groceries.


“Should” ?

Making investment decisions using politics as a differentiator, one way or the other, usually isn’t a good idea. If the investment is suitable for my goals, and so long as it’s not an actual illegal enterprise, I’m a buyer.

I mean… EVERY SINGLE COMPANY in the S&P500 and NASDAQ100 has got to have an ESG and DEI policy and officers… does that mean SPY and QQQ are “verboten”?

I had a co-worker who refused to particiapte in the 401(k) because the practice of loaning money out at interest was “haram”. OK, have fun being poor, I thought.

I had another co-worker who was trying to interest me in buying shares of a fund that was 100% onshore American… only US based companies, and they had an American supply chain and they only employed Americans. Fine. Then i realized later… the language he used was quite typical of scammers - language meant to create an emotional response (patriotism) and a sense of urgency, and even outrage at the companies that were somehow… how shall I put it… “haram”.

Emotions are used by people to divorce your hands from your brain, so they get a certain desired result from you to their benefit. If you don’t know who the mark is in this process… it’s you.

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Interesting. We have Safeway, Ahold (Giant & Stop&Shop) Hannafords but no Kroger in our area. Safeway is also known as Shaw’s in New England.

Costco, Aldi, and Lidl are great places to get groceries

I know of Walmart and Safeway but I haven’t heard of Kroger in terms of any brand name they may have

Personal finance is personal. I like Fidelity funds too. But I’m interested in mutual funds as they trade only once daily. But conscience investing is an ok choice

I like EMXC over an emerging market fund because I want to see the downfall of the Chinese economy

Since China is likely highly correlated with the US market, I’d likely see a huge drop in my 401k but just like the downfall of Nazi Germany, it’d be so worth it

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The why do corporate board do it?

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To maximize shareholder value.

Nope. They do it to appease very vocal “public interest groups.” And sometimes it backfires, as it did with Disney.

All those DEI instructors are a big drain on profits. It is nothing but a big racket by the elite.

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Please be sure to tell us how you did better when you get appointed to a large corporation’s board of directors.

I have no interest in being a corporate director- but I guarantee I will start reading more proxies and voting.

If I were a director, I would steer my company away from foolish decisions like Disney and Target have made, that decreased shareholder value.

The sad part is few shareholders even bother to read proxy statements, much less vote. I have been very negligent in the past. In the absence of shareholder participation, special interests can guide the corporation to do their bidding, even if it means getting involved in controversial issues.

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