Total wireless - Total by Verizon Acquisition

Well, I guess it couldn’t last forever. Total Wireless has been a great Verizon alternative with low prices and lots of data. This month Verizon took over and although it’s still not a bad deal, it’s more expensive and has far less data. So far, I haven’t heard anyone point this out. My Total Wireless 4 line family plan with 100GB of data costs $95 with auto refill. The new Total by Verizon 4 line plan costs $36.25 per line with 15GB per line. That’s a total of $145 for 60GB. So, Total by Verizon will cost me $50 more per month for 40GB less data. That’s not a good trade! (Verizon may offer a prepay discount, but I couldn’t tell if it was in their price or not).
I’ve read that Verizon will honor the current Total Wireless customer’s plans for 3 years, but that was from the acquisition date so 2 years from September 2022.
I’m sure Total by Verizon will have good 5G service and maybe better customer service, but I’m sad to see a great deal go away.

Have you looked at the T-moblie unlimited plans?

Good thought. T-mobile, including Mint Mobile looks like a good deal, but their tower coverage in the past hasn’t come close to Verizon in my area. Maybe that will change. Thanks