Total wireless - Total by Verizon Acquisition

Well, I guess it couldn’t last forever. Total Wireless has been a great Verizon alternative with low prices and lots of data. This month Verizon took over and although it’s still not a bad deal, it’s more expensive and has far less data. So far, I haven’t heard anyone point this out. My Total Wireless 4 line family plan with 100GB of data costs $95 with auto refill. The new Total by Verizon 4 line plan costs $36.25 per line with 15GB per line. That’s a total of $145 for 60GB. So, Total by Verizon will cost me $50 more per month for 40GB less data. That’s not a good trade! (Verizon may offer a prepay discount, but I couldn’t tell if it was in their price or not).
I’ve read that Verizon will honor the current Total Wireless customer’s plans for 3 years, but that was from the acquisition date so 2 years from September 2022.
I’m sure Total by Verizon will have good 5G service and maybe better customer service, but I’m sad to see a great deal go away.

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Have you looked at the T-moblie unlimited plans?

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Good thought. T-mobile, including Mint Mobile looks like a good deal, but their tower coverage in the past hasn’t come close to Verizon in my area. Maybe that will change. Thanks

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Ten years ago I had T-Mobile, but when I moved, it wouldn’t work in my area. So I went to Sprint and had great service. Then they merged with TMobile and my service has gotten worse. Looking at their community, it looks like up until the merger, people were happy with Sprint and T Mobile. But afterwards, people with both noticed a decline in service. They sent me a survey and I told them that it looks like they took the best of Sprint and the best of T Mobile and created a pile of junk.

TMobile is compatible with ATT. Both use GSM.
Sprint is compatible with Verizon.

GSM is the standard in Europe.
TMobile is a German Company.
They went with GSM and shut down the Sprint Network.

Google for more info.

AT&T and T Mobile just need more towers in more places .Easier said than done.

Verizon bought Tracfone a year ago. They dropped some of the cheapest combos that Tracfone previously had and I suspect price increases are coming next.

We got a deal from Costco on on the Samsung S20 with T-Mobile… no contract.

It has been better here than Straighttalk with Verizon Towers or years ago with AT&T. However it is not as good in rural N GA.
However T-mobile is good about using the WiFi when available.

We are on the Senior plan… 2 Phones Unlimited TT&D about $60 a month including fees.

I understand that we are locked in for three years @ $ 140.00 per line per year.

Dealing with their service department involves a lot of pain and suffering.