Total Wireless to Total

Anyone having issues with this. I am on the 30 GB share plan with 2 phones on auto pay. Now since the Verizon takeover they send emails all the time and every month send email to join auto pay which I am already enrolled in. Last month they ended service saying I didn’t pay that was so inconvenient as one phone had no service for 2 days. Credit card was in system, and they didn’t do the auto pay. I heard somewhere I should be grandfathered in for 2 years? Not sure I can handle this inconvenience for 2 years!

I am an auto pay with 3 phones and have had no issues. I moved to autopay once they took over since the cards were no longer available at Walmart. I would buy them in another state close by as the taxes were cheaper. Call them and have them try to straighten this out. But, be forewarned that what they do may not fix the problem. Support for them is pretty weak. Total Wireless is great if you don’t have any issues.

Good luck.