The "Big One" coming to Cal is not a quake

…it’s a mega flood…

It’s a pretty logical situation.

California is a long strip of land with a coastline and a parallel ridge of mountains a short distance inland. The warm air is charged with water from the ocean, it moves inland, hits the mountains, rises and cools, and drops the water. Up until now a lot (most?) of the water fell as snow in the Sierra Mountains and provided storage for the water.

But with higher temps the air holds more moisture and more of the water falls as rain which runs downhill toward the coastline where lots of people live.

Higher temps mean more water doing what water does… it runs downhill.

The release of Glacial Lake Missoula and what the floods (not just one) did to Washington and Oregon is terrifying and fascinating…

Today, ice dams and ice jams raise havoc in the lesser latitudes of the planet. When I lived in Alaska we had several instances of massive “jökulhlaups” (ice dams) threatening catastrophic events. And every spring places along major rivers were plagued with ice-jam flooding. Along the Gulf of Alaska we had a glacier block of a large fiord which threatened a couple of coastal villages and even endangered fishing boats in the area with a giant tidal wave.