Repeat COVID Infection Doubles the Risk of Death

Getting COVID-19 a second time doubles a person’s chance of dying and triples the likelihood of being hospitalized, a new study found.


WOW, very interesting information!! I wondered about this–thanks for posting!

Wow what an empty article, devoid of any specifics other then how many supposed VA patients’ data was studied! Where they would get that data anyway? It is Personal Health Information. Did all those patients agree to have their PHI studied?

Then we have no specific data on mortality. None! I call this fear porn! They are trying to again stir people to listen and adhere to the Party Line that we have been subjected to for almost 3 years now.


My sympathy reservoir is empty after three years of this. If people want to FAFO then it’s all on them. I’m past caring.

Data for retrospective reviews like this is scrubbed of all personally identifiable information so it does not rise to the definition of protected health information.

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Oh, NOW I understand… :roll_eyes:

“Get those daily boosters, folks!”…Fauxi


Once you get a virus and survive you have natural immunity! What the powers will do to (try) to keep us scared! Amazing.

Covid is in the rear view mirror, as much as the Flu and colds are.

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Interesting language… what does it mean? Don’t be bashful, spit it out… :roll_eyes:

Your statement is pretty amazing, who or what are “the powers” you speak of?

We’re all in favor of you being a volunteer to test this theory in real time, in real life. Please go to as many mass gatherings as possible with like-minded unmasked unvaxxed people this winter in poorly ventilated spaces, and report back to us.

The virus is mutating fast, the doctor in the podcast below already says BA4 and BA5 are in the rear view mirror, and the current mutations evade all previous vaccinations, immunities, and therapies. It is scary. There’s nothing not scary about it for me, who is trying to keep my wife, a blood cancer patient, on this earth for a few more years. She has no immune system.

COVID: Staying Safe As The Virus Evolves | The Bloodline with LLS


COVID is exploding in China. They refuse non-Chinese vaccines, and their home-grown ones don’t work. There is a lack of herd immunity and a large uninfected pool because of the prior strict (now lifted) social isolation policies. This is the trickiest virus ever, finding the best path forward is like trying to thread a needle with a 1" diameter piece of rope while wearing snowmobiling mittens. The virus’ main goal is to humiliate as many governments as possible it seems.

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Covid’s still the third leading cause of death in this country. That rear view of yours has some serious cracks and distortions, death is closer than it appears in yours.


Come’on Geeze, you’re scaring the kids… :nerd_face:

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Paraphrasing, “They may be over the virus, but the virus ain’t over us”. We’re going back to the KN95 masks today on a supermarket run. The last report I heard, both of our local and semi-local hospitals are full to the brim. The Happy Holidays are clearly not going to be that happy for many.

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Assuming all goes well in the hospital, it would so suck to start 2023 buy owing the Family Out Of Pocket Maximum on your health insurance plan. You’re not getting out of several days in the hospital without owing tens of thousands in charges. It just seems like such a pittance of a price to pay to get recommended vaccinations and wear a mask indoors.

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I know there’s a lot of chatter on the Internet concerning the superiority of natural immunity through prior infection giving better and more long-lasting protection against reinfection. But, the extra protection and extended duration don’t seem to offer enough benefit to entice the wiser folks to skip the vaccine. And, it’s unclear whether natural immunity against one variation of the shape-shifting virus applies to the subsequent variations. I suspect not, but I could be wrong.

Let’s talk about natural immunity / herd immunity. Let’s make the assumption that natural immunity is better than vaccination immunity. I’m playing Devil’s Advocate, because that’s not what I believe, but let’s play with that for a moment.

I am not the herd. I’m an individual person. The herd is “society”. While it may be best for “society” to develop some level of herd immunity, it may be to my individual detriment to be a participant in that process.

It’s like taxes — one could easily argue that society should always collect some taxes and fees to pay for infrastructure and projects which benefit the common good. However… as an individual, one of my objectives is to escape as many taxes and fees as possible, legally.

People conflate population benefit and individual benefit. I don’t, therefore… N95 !

The problem we have when trying to figure out why people do or do not wear masks is understanding three basic elements of the decision:

  1. Risk… does the person voicing the opinion, have, or think they have, any skin in the game?
  2. Data… what information do they believe to back up their position?
  3. Bias… what biases are influencing the elements 1 & 2?

If they have a bias of fatalism #2 does not matter and #1 is probably muted. It becomes a matter that is out of their hands so why bother?

If they have a bias of over confidence they will be susceptible to suggestions and influencers that they agree with on unrelated items, the “halo effect” as applied to their tribal influencers.

If they have a bias of personal responsibility then #1 & 2 become important and they pay attention to that element of the decision.

Virtually everyone will say they are influenced by their concept of personal responsibility, but the facts support otherwise. They show that we are living in an era of tribalism, teetering toward tribal warfare.

There were 443,588 cohort participants with no SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (only a single SARS-CoV-2 infection) and 40,947 participants who had SARS-CoV-2 reinfection (two or more infections) (Extended Data Fig. 1); 5,334,729 participants with no record of positive SARS-CoV-2 infection were in the noninfected control group. Among those who had reinfection, 37,997 (92.8%) people had two infections, 2,572 (6.3%) people had three infections and 378 (0.9%) people had four or more infections. The median distribution of time between the first and second infection was 191 d (interquartile range (IQR) = 127–330) and between the second and third was 158 d (IQR = 115–228). The demographic and health characteristics of those with no reinfection, reinfection and the noninfected control group are presented in Supplementary Table 1.