How to save money on Pills?

Ask your pharmacists if the medication costs less if you don’t use your insurance. Pharmaceutical companies have gag rules preventing pharmacists from telling you, but if you ask they are allowed to tell you. Ask prices at different pharmacies. Prices vary significantly.

Here are some gigs :

  1. By the generic equivalents of name brand pharmaceuticals ( if they are available)
  2. You can order online from foreign countries pharmacies as medication on foreign countries are cheap or Visit a physician in that country and have that person write you one or more prescriptions for what ever medication it is you are seeking.
  3. Visit the pharmacies located in the larger chain grocery stores, big box discount stores or in more middle-class suburban areas. The prices in those places are usually somewhat cheaper than they are in the cities or in upper class neighborhoods.
  4. check with the manufacturer’s of the name brand medications which you may be taking and determine if they have programs which will significantly reduce ( or even eliminate in some cases) the costs of their medications.
  5. If you are over 50 years of age, there is a nationally known seniors support group ( which I will not name here) who has many different programs available to assist you with prescriptions.

Also check pricing through Good RX. Not always cheaper but sometimes a lot cheaper than even going through insurance.

Here is another on line pharmacy to check for your prescriptions:

I pay for Medicare part D so I won’t get penalized. Sadly, buying the drugs I need in El Salvador is usually cheaper than using the government drug plan. if you have relatives in third world countries, consider having them mail drugs to you.

My cousin used to get her blood pressure medicine from India. Her physician approved, and provided whatever prescriptions she needed. She’s been gone a couple of years; that was at least two decades past the 6 month life expectancy she was told many years ago.

I buy Eliquis and Uloric from

I pay out of pocket, sometimes I can file an insurance claim after the fact sometimes not. It depends on the insurance company.

I pay 90% less than the US price. NINETY, people.

Current insurance company won’t cover my wife’s Eliquis, it’s the best med for her, but they won’t pay. F### them my wife is more important than their formulary.

Tee hee our sample drug ain’t happening offshore, unfortunately, as it is a “controlled” substance. Not found at Canada or India sites. Some of those places are really good though for stuff like Nobel prize winning ivermectin that has been demonized by the Establishment even thought it has been in use for many years around the world.

Well u can buy them online .I use an online service where you can also save money on medicine. For example, for myself, I buy ozempic online (medications for diabetics) on a Canadian platform. So far, I am satisfied.