Have You Tried Consumer Cellular?

Had them for years and love them. They offer 2 lines of unlimited talk, text and data for $55 ($66 after taxes and fees) for AARP members. You must call and use code AARP55 as it’s not advertised,

I have had Consumer Cellular about a year and always thought it was fine. NOT ANYMORE. My husband and are both 81. He has Parkinson’s and I recently got out of the hospital. We have always had automatic withdrawal from our bank. The bank paid the usual monthly charge. Consumer Cellular said that the bank called back the payment 3 days later and CC cancelled our service. We had no phone service until my son came and used a credit card to activate service again. CC insisted that the payment bounced but there were several thousand dollars in the bank account. Yesterday we got an apology from Consumer Cellular that they had the wrong account. I think that this was very poor service and thank goodness we did not have a dire emergency during this time. An apology doesn’t begin to make up for this stress and aggravation that they caused us. Anne M

Switched from Xfinity Mobile to Consumer Cellular when Xfinity Mobile would not let me add my husband’s relatively new phone even though they sold the exact same phone, but Consumer Cellular did allow us to transfer his phone. Was told I would receive 2 lines for $55 for unlimited everything with our AARP discount. Asked if any additional fees, stated only $55 plus state tax. We were charged for the SIM cards to be sent to us (there was no charge with Xfinity Mobile). Much to my surprise, our so called state tax resulted in $14 more in charges per month (was only charged $3 in tax with Xfinity Mobile and no additional hidden fees). I have ended up paying more for the 2 lines of service than I would have paid if I had stuck with Xfinity Mobile and accepted their offer for a new phone. Also, Consumer Cellular tried to charge us for a full month of service on our first invoice when we only had service with them for 19 days. The only plus is I have 5G on my 5G phone (Xfinity Mobile only offered 4G in our area), but can’t say it appears to be any faster and bogs down on a regular basis. Even though Consumer Cellular claims to not have any hidden fees, our experience has been otherwise. Expect to pay at least $14 more than the price they advertise for their service for 2 lines. So far, our experience has not been a good one.

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Ugh, I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s why I always tie a credit card to autopay if at all possible……screwups with accounts are a big hassle.

Depends on how much data you use.

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I am a low-data user, but like the option to purchase more if I should go over the limit (which hasn’t happened yet!)

I was with Ting for several years, but my usage and bill increased. I then went with Republic Wireless ($20/month, unlimited talk/text, 1 GB data), which was a great company until DISH purchased them. I stayed with RW/Dish for a year +, but had some issues. But recently, DISH was forcing RW customers over to Boost Unlimited at $25+ per month, so it was time to change.

Republic Wireless had a great community forum where people helped other users. The forum was cancelled once DISH acquired them, but not there’s a new forum RWUsers, Real World Users (rwusers.com), which I highly recommend.

On the forum I heard about US Mobile and changed to that plan. Unlimited talk/text and 1GB data at $10/month (!) with option to purchase more data if needed at $2/GB.

The transition worked great. I had a phone problem (my RW locked phone) and the US Mobile customer service (via text and email) solved it. Their customer service is great! It has worked very well, and I can’t believe the price I’m paying ! US Mobile is a MVNO and gives you a choice between T Mobile and Verizon – they send you both SIM cards and you can switch the plan if one doesn’t work for you

The only thing I had trouble with is that the US Mobile website is rather confusing. But the RWUsers forum helped me with that, so I made the changeover with no problems.

I know that Consumer Cellular has tech people at places like Target (or at least they used to), so some people want to go in person. But you pay a bit more for that service.