Have You Tried Consumer Cellular?

Tell us if you think Consumer Cellular is worth the savings!

I have only used Tracfone and Consumer Cellular. I used CC twice when having problems with Tracfone customer service. Each time w/ Consumer Cellular previously I received prompt customer service and was able to cancel by phone.
Now I have Consumer Cellular exclusively and while the phone service is good and the pricing reasonable, the customer service is practically unreachable, Recently haven’t even offered to call me back. When I do speak with someone, the person tries to help but ususally checks with “book” or whatever they use and I haven’t spoken with someone recently who is able to resolve a technical issue. I would like to know if there is a certain time of the day when a person would be more likely to answer in less than 15 minutes (my optimal wait time).

I had Consumer Cellular for over a year, and while it is inexpensive, the coverage and service are not great and you’re put into a higher priced plan every time you go over in minutes, so savings might be short-lived. There’s more to phone plans than saving money: if you can’t get coverage, have dropped calls and delays receiving messages, then the savings isn’t really doing much for you. I’ve had the best luck with Google Fi, which for me has been cheaper than Consumer Cellular, and the service is much better.

With them for two weeks now. Took Dear Wife’s and my phone to Target and their crew took care of everything for us. That was really nice. Have had some minor problems but all doable. Bad part is 45 min hold times if you want to talk to someone but they claim that’s because of 5G changeover and will go away eventually.

We switched to the TMobile 55+ plan…

Unlimited TT&D for 27.50 each about $65 with fees.
We were paying $90 for Straight Talk.

Depending on your area determines which network CC uses. We are lucky to be able to access the AT&T network more cheaply than AT&T itself. I like the fact that they upgrade your plan if you go over WITHOUT charging a fee.

I pay $15 per month for Mint Mobile and I never use up my data allotment

I have read mostly good things about them. When comparing phone service bills however, it gets tough to compare when everything is in terms of $$ per line. We have AT&T now, a 6GB plan.

It’s “Only” $25 per line, PLUS $57 permeant for the plan, and an additional $16 for the various fees, taxes, etc

$123 per month total as of now.

So what would this be with CC?

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We have had it for several years. We have two lines. Customer service is top notch. Depending on your area is the network used. Luckily we have the ATT network. I forget the other one. I know this is a low plan for data but sometimes we go over. They upgrade to the next plan without any fees.

7 GB is only $10 a month more.

How many lines?