Costco hearing aids

Some feedback on Costco hearing aids. A few months ago I purchased the Costco brand-they were priced at $1399. have been happy with them and the service and care with getting them setup for use. I recently had one get damaged due to a foster dog we were caring for got it off the table and chewed up a bit. I took it to Costco expecting to have to pay to have it replaced. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to repair it while i waited. They even offered to send it in to have the case replaced due to cosmetic damage to it. All of this was at no charge. I would never buy the TV hearing aids.

$1399 still seems spendy - will the new hearing aid law lower prices across the board?

i live in longmont colo and a costco is coming in spring. i am overjoyed. i have belief in their customer service. i have needed hearing aids for quite some time, but i am not going to a cut rate place to get them. i will scrape the money together because i believe they are a medical device that should be dispensed in a medical situation. my grandmother struggled for years with getting them “fitted”. i want to go somewhere they have a corporate ethos of ‘customer first’, and decades of experience.

I saw in passing recently that you can now get hearing aids powered by Bose on QVC.

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