Cost Plus Drugs - is your med here? how do you like the prices?

I see some of my more common drugs out there, prices look pretty good. What do you think?

Homepage of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs

They always throw this example out, because it’s dramatic… the drug in question is a generic cancer drug. That’s the most extreme example.

30 count supply of 400mg Imatinib will cost: $47.40

Retail price at other companies $9,657.40

You save $9,610.00 on your medication

Goodrx has that same drug and dosage for $114 at Albertson’s and $131 at Costco and Walmart. I advise anyone needing Rx to check the prices on goodrx, and now, Cost Plus Drugs. We use goodrx because their prices are less than Cost Plus and cheaper than our part D copay.

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