Arthritis pain? Voltaren actually works!

I almost never recommend heath things advertised on TV. But the disks in my neck have become so inflamed with arthritis it’s become very difficult and painful to turn my head.

TV ads for Voltaren finally convinced me to try it. Why not? I lather a nice gob into my neck and rub it in. To my astonishment it works!!! Pain reduced and neck motion increased. The primary ingredient is NSAID so a pain reliever is massaged into the area.

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I agree, Voltaren is great. I tried it on my knees. ankles, wrists and hands. An orthopedic doctor suggested my wife use it on her knees.

I would like to use it on my hips too, but the instructions say not to use Voltaren on large joints. That is because it has not been tested to see how it will affect nearby organs.


I suspect that’s because of the NSAID, but not really sure.

While I was in Israel last March, I broke my foot (again). One of my tour companions was a physician, and she recommended it for the pain, and gave me a small amount of prescription strength she had for her back. I agree. It is significantly effective.

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I agree, Voltaren is a lifesaver. Recently I’ve had severe back pain. It bothered me a lot that I couldn’t even sleep because of it. Then I bought Voltaren here . It really helped and the pain went away.

What is astounding me is most TV ads for health aids are mostly useless. But this works…

I’ve been using Voltaren for about 5 years and it’s been great. Used to get it in Canada for $9 before you could get it OTC in the US.