Addicted to WORDLE

Any WORDLE’rs out there, I just broke my 56-game winning streak two days ago.

I’m on a 37 day streak. I wish they would do an AM and PM game.

My streaks 53 presently, won 95 or 97 so far. Here’s a good practice site that will provide some practice and a guaranteed time waster. Plays generally the same as Wordle, but has a more expanded dictionary I suspect. Some really odd words. Quordle

I tried wordle…
After you solve it… there seems no easy way to end it. I gave up!

Regarding the current NYT-based original WORDLE game: Wordle - The New York Times

Not sure I understand “no easy way to end it.” It ends when you solve it and it’s blank the next day. There’s one game a day. When you solve it you just close the site.

Could it be you tried a copy-cat game and not the original WORDLE?

Since you like Wordle, let me recommend the following:

WORLDLE – geography – Worldle (
QUORDLE = Wordle x 4 Quordle

I do those plus original Wordle every day. My geography skills have improved, too.

I like the original game. It fits into my daily routine and doesn’t tempt me to waste a lot of time on it because it’s limited to one game a day. I try to use a new 3-vowel starter word every day and I continue to be amazed at how many 3-vowel 5-letter words exist in our everyday language.

I have two friends I exchange results with every day. Here’s my stats so far: